First Church - Lenoir, NC

“Glorify God as we mold, nurture, and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Modern Worship at 9:00am
Sunday School at 10:00am
Traditional Worship at 11:00am

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Regular Worship Schedule

First Church Family,     I pray that this weekly email newsletter finds you keenly aware of God’s blessings. That is not always the thing we think about first when waking, but when that is my focus, it certainly makes my day more fulfilling.     What a week we just finished, after spending much time with 33 children and a dozen youth during Vacation Bible School! Thanks goes to everyone who had a part to play in that wonderful experience, including a number of adult…

August News

First Church Family,      There are several things that happen that make me realize summer is moving to its end. One is that I notice a yellow jacket’s nest on my property. That happened Thursday, and thank goodness, this year I saw the nest and took care of it before I ran over it with a weed eater (which is usually what happens.)      Another reminder that summer’s end approaches is the fact that anyone who grows tomatoes, okra, or…

Three Things This Week

Three Things From Pastor Dave I pray that you enjoyed a safe Independence Day celebration. I’m getting over a summer cold (not COVID), and I chose to keep things a bit simple. But, as time goes by, the freedom and liberties that we enjoy mean more and more to me. I pray they do to you, as well. First, remember that we worship together this Sunday at 10:30AM in the CLC. Sunday School will precede the service, and Godly Play…