First United Methodist Church of Lenoir

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Church Blog

Happy Thanksgiving

First Church Family,      Happy Thanksgiving! If you participated with us on our “Bless This Meal”  Thanksgiving project, either by contributing financially or working on Thursday or  Saturday, you blessed others and were blessed yourself!     This past weekend, our volunteers: unpacked trailers of food; packed boxes with meals and carried them out to people’s cars; delivered boxes to persons who didn’t have transportation; visited with, prayed for and provided breakfast for our guests;gave a stuffed animal or toy for every child who came; and shared…

Faithful Financially

First Church Family,     I’ve been enjoying the crisp fall weather this week. It makes me feel like it is really Thanksgiving. And that holiday is only a week away.     This coming weekend is really big for us. We will partner with Christ as we serve 120 local families who are in need on Saturday. I learned yesterday that we have completely underwritten that effort with extra contributions from you totaling more than $3500.  That is amazing! Thank you for…

Bless This Meal

First Church Family,      I haven’t lived here forever as some of you have, but I am amazed every day at the beauty of our surroundings. I truly believe our area is one of God’s beautiful paradises on earth. And this time of year, it is at its prettiest. Please stop every single day, admire God’s handiwork, and offer prayers of praise and gratitude.     On Saturday, November 20, we will take a big step in getting back to who we were before…