Where We Meet

Where We Meet

We have some fun and meaningful venues where we meet, all of them designed to help us connect with God and each other.



The Sanctuary is where we hold our 11 am service on Sunday mornings, along with special events, such as weddings and funerals. It is a beautiful location, full of stained glass light, traditional organ music, hard woods and soft cushions. But mostly, it is full of the Spirit of God when it is full of His people. Come join us!

Christian Life Center (CLC)

The Christian Life Center (CLC) is our fellowship hall / gymnasium / worship center where many of our social events take place. It’s the location of Early Service – 9 am Sunday mornings Youth Group – downstairs below gym Nursery – 11 am during Sanctuary Service, opposite direction of gym Open Gym – 5 pm Sunday evenings Robbins Preschool – weekdays, opposite direction of gym Praise Band Practice – 7 pm Tuesday evenings CAST – 3 pm Wednesday afternoons Faith…

Education Building

This is also called the Office Building The offices are located here. You may enter on Church Street. There’s a parking lot with a porte cochere attached to the building, and a ramp leading down from it to the entrance. Once inside, you’ll notice a bulletin board on your left, showing some of the things going on in our church. Moving down the hall, the secretary’s office and workroom are on your left and the financial secretary and youth minister’s…


Our Columbarium – located behind the Sanctuary – is a wonderfully secluded garden, and somewhere to be alone with God. It’s also a final resting place for many of our members, and where we hold some of our special events, including Easter Sunrise Service. Come join us!