Dear Friends, Visitors, and Members of First Church,

My prayers are with you as we move forward in unprecedented waters.

In consultation with an executive committee of leaders of our church, I’m announcing that next week, and for the foreseeable future, we will cancel all Sunday School meetings and hold only one closed, web streamed worship service at 10:00 each Sunday. We will use elements of both our modern and traditional services in worship.

For that 10:00 service each week, limited staff persons (a combination of Tara, Jamie, Lynne, Sara Lynn, Danny, and myself), and perhaps a few layperson (especially musicians), will be involved in worship. During that one service, we will make announcements, pray, have a children’s time, offer a solo or small ensemble of music, take up an offering, and share a sermon and benediction. That is our plan for now.

That wonderful gift of technology from the Broyhill Family Foundation allows us this flexibility (all services are streamed live on our “FUMC Lenoir” YouTube channel). Of course, the situation is fluid and could lead us to change our plans at any time.

Please continue to participate with your offerings. Our office will stay open in order to serve you; our ministries, especially to the poor, will no doubt expand; our staff will remain dedicated to its work.

We will continue to communicate with you through email and printed materials. Our leadership and I are positioned to serve and lead in challenging times like these. With me, please pray for our church and world.

Blessings and love,

Pastor Dave


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