From the pastor

From the pastor

First Church Family:

I pray that you are aware of God’s presence.  Sometimes cares of the world invade that place in our hearts meant for God, causing our Heavenly Father to seem to be far away.  Over and over, the Apostle Paul reminds us that there is nowhere we can go to be out of God’s presence.  It is my prayer that wherever you are, you will remember that truth.

There are several things that I want to share with you, the first being that once again, Yokefellow’s need is greater in the summer (because school children aren’t receiving meals at school.) Executive Director Sharon Harmon asks different churches to contribute different foods during the summer.  Last year, First Church donated more than 4,000 pounds of rice, filling Yokefellow’s coffers.

This summer our food requests are rice, and peanut butter & jelly.  To date, our Jim Griffiths has delivered 434 pounds of those foods already for June.  When you know you are going to be at our church, bring something you to contribute to Yokefellow’s need for food.  We’ll keep a record of our contributions, and I’ll let you know where we stand often.

This coming Sunday, we will honor our ’24 high school graduates.  Please have Haley Crowe, Tyler Roberts, Dane Bley, Reagan Cline, and Dillan Earp (and other extended family member graduates) in your prayers.  We are so very proud of them!

And finally, this Sunday in worship, we will continue remembering the incredible story of the disciples’ commitment to share the story of Jesus with the world, following the Holy Spirit’s arrival at Pentecost.  I’ll be preaching from Chapter 5 of the Book of Acts of the Apostles this Sunday.  Read along with me each week.  You’ll be amazed at the stories.

Blessings on you,

Pastor Dave

Goodbye, Ivey