Goodbye, Ivey

Goodbye, Ivey

First Church Family,

Saying goodbye is sometimes difficult to do. That’s something I’ve been thinking pretty hard about over the last several weeks.

Ivey Deitz has been my administrative assistant and our church’s office manager for the last five years. And she has done a beautiful job with both of those major responsibilities.

Ivey is a person of extremely high character and loves our LORD, her family, 
and also our church greatly. And she possesses many gifts that have helped our church reach many godly goals over the last five years.

Six weeks ago, Ivey shared with me that she would like to join her husband, Doug, in retirement and so to be able to enjoy more time with Doug and their sons: Jesse and Matthew, spending more time at the new home they had built in Granite Falls last year.

And while I had dreaded the thoughts of Ivey’s retirement over the past couple of years, I am immensely happy for her and her family!

Ivey had planned to work through the middle of May. However, our Staff Parish
Relations Committee, chaired by our Debbie Pennell, was able to pretty quickly
choose a person, Legina Walker, (also of Granite Falls) to replace her.

Legina has worked with Ivey for the last couple of weeks and will take over the
Administrative Assistant position this coming Monday, May 6.

Please keep both Ivey and Legina in your prayers. Be sure to stop by to welcome Legina the next time you are near our church.

Blessings on you all,

Pastor Dave