Our Heart Breaks

Our Heart Breaks

First Church Family,

First Buffalo, then Laguna, and finally Uvalde. What should our response be to the horrors that continue to pervade our country due to gun violence? Innocent victims, this time including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders have been sacrificed needlessly.

Of course, there are numerous possible responses, most of which lead us into the theatre of politics. We won’t go there. But we do decry such violence as evil. And we pray:

* For the innocent victims. “LORD, receive the souls of those precious children and adults lost in these shootings. Many of those youngsters probably hadn’t had the chance to formally acknowledge that You are LORD. Have mercy on them and grant them peace.”

* For the parents and families of those lost in these shootings. “LORD, there is nothing harder in our world than to experience the death of our children. Walk with those who are in that darkness daily, healing and comforting the hearts of their parents and families. Confirm that their faith in You is real and acknowledged by You. Restore them by Your power and love.”

* For educators, students, and administrators in schools across our country. “LORD, keep our children and those who instruct and care for them safe in the circle of Your eternal loving protection.”

* For our broken nation. “LORD, we are lost, and only You can save us. Bring Your peace among us. Give our leaders courage to make appropriate decisions on the violence that pervades our cities and that also is alive and well in our smaller communities. We acknowledge that only You are capable and able of healing our land. We pray fervently that You might so do it.”

* For us as individuals and for our church. “Make us instruments of Your peace, LORD. May our gardens be sown with love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness in ways that will turn us and others to You, for You alone can redeem and sustain us.”

I pray that you go to your knees in your homes to pray fervently, praying these prayers and your own. God hears the prayers of those who humbly pray for His presence and guidance.

In sadness and love I am:

Pastor Dave