Posts from January 2020

Posts from January 2020


United Methodist News

Dear First Church Family, A public announcement was made last Friday about 16 United Methodist leaders across the world who, together, will make a proposal to the United Methodist governing board, the General Conference, in May of 2020, that would allow unhappy churches on the extreme right or left to leave the denomination.  In my opinion, I don’t see that including or affecting us in a major way, other than making the formal United Methodist Church smaller; but we will…


Dear First Church Family,  I’m pleased to report to you that our Staff Parish Relations Committee and I have made the decision to hire our next Director of Youth and Family. Her name is Tara Hatton. She lives with her husband Aaron (the third straight “Aaron” in our Youth family) and their sons, Charlie and Smith, in Hudson.  Tara received her Bachelor of Science in Theatre Education at ASU and her Masters of Education in the same field from UNCG. For…