3 things…

3 things…

First Church Family:

Three things:

1.) Please continue to bring your food donations to the church for our ministry partner Yokefellow. Though Yokefellow has asked us to donate: white rice, dried pintos, and peanut butter, Executive Director Sharon Harmon has reminded me that their main ongoing food request from us is always white rice. Last Sunday we announced that through July 12 we had raised 1,734 pounds of food for our local impoverished population.

2.) Please remember that our annual Vacation Bible School begins on Monday, July 31 and runs through Thursday, August 3 (from 9:00AM – Noon.) Invite family, friends, and neighbors to participate. And Tara and Erika could use several additional volunteers to help out.

3.) This Sunday we continue our series: “Ever Heard of Grace?” Our focus will be Exodus 32. Please read it before you come to church, as while it’s only one chapter, it is quite long. It speaks both of God’s discipline and God’s grace.

I look forward to seeing you in church on Sunday at 10:00AM in the Sanctuary.

Blessings on you,

Pastor Dave