Absence Makes the Heart Grow Founder

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Founder

Dear First Church Family, 
     Wow have I missed you! When our leadership and I made the decision to not have worship this past weekend because of the winter storm, I prayed that God would use the time to create a hunger among us for being in worship in-person.
     After all, as the old adage says: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
     That certainly was true for me. And I pray that it was the same for you. Though we made the right decision, it wasn’t a fulfilling one. On Sunday morning, I longed to be worshiping together.
     Actually, you and I are made in such a way as to experience emptiness when we aren’t worshipping God together regularly.
     The Psalmist (Psalm 84, vs. 1 – NLV) wrote about it when he said:

 “How beautiful are the places where You live,
O Lord of all!  
My soul wants and even becomes weak
from longing to be in the house of the Lord.
My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.”

      These have been difficult times. We have been separated due to concerns over the virus. And that separation has taken its toll. I have actually observed people’s personalities (and especially little ones) change because of not being able to be properly socialized.
     The truth is that we are made to be together; and especially together in God’s house. Do you not believe that to be true?
     I look forward to worship with you this weekend. Be in-person with us when you can. As my grandmother used to say: “It will be good for you, and help you too!”
     I am so very thankful for you.


Pastor Dave