April News

April News

First Church Family:

 Happy Spring! (Yes, spring has finally “sprung,” even though we had some of winter’s coldest weather right before its “springing”.) Though I can come and go as I please, regardless of the season, I must admit that there is something about the winter that is confining. I’ve looked forward to being “released” from the bondage of winter, with the new freedom to be outside, in the community, garden, and yard.

Really, Easter is all about being freed as well, though the weather has nothing to do with it. The Scriptures teach that because of our disobedience and sin, we were confined to a dark place away from God and that there was nothing we could do about it on our own.

But because God is a just God, a penalty was required to bridge the chasm formed by our wayward rebellion. God would have been completely justified had He decided to leave us alone, with no opportunity to be reconciled to Him.

But because God is a God of love, our Heavenly Father chose to take on the debt required by sending His One and Only Son to die for us on the Cross, thus forming a bridge over the abyss that separated us from Him; and re-establishing the loving relationship, eternal in nature, between our Father and His children.

That in a nutshell is the message of the Gospel, a message which often is not taken seriously in our world.

Our church has gone to great lengths to ensure that you remember and participate in the events referred to above, that we might internalize the majesty of God’s mighty act of salvation.

The details of those opportunities have been shared many times with you over the past weeks. Now it is time for you to take advantage of them.

In this newsletter is a schedule of those events: a Palm Sunday Passion Play; a Maundy Thursday church fellowship night with Holy Communion at Golden Ticket Cinema to experience: “The Passion of the Christ;” the Good Friday Procession of the Cross, through our beloved town; and Easter Sunday celebrations of the Resurrection.

Many months of planning and rehearsal, as well as numerous resources have been offered so that you will have wonderful opportunities to experience the power of Almighty God.

Please make every effort to take advantage of each of those opportunities. And invite friends and family to join you.

I wish for you many Holy Week and Easter blessings,

Dave Melton

Senior Pastor