Looking Back on Easter

Looking Back on Easter

First Church Family,

What wonderful Holy Week and Easter observance we enjoyed! Our Palm Sunday program of scripture and music was outstanding; the “Passion of the Christ” with holy communion was experienced by a near capacity crowd; the Good Friday Procession of the Cross was carried out despite heavy rains (and supported by representatives from a dozen churches/Christian non-profits); and Resurrection Sunday worship, complete with a professionally constructed and decorated walking bridge, reminding us that Jesus is the “Bridge to Eternity” for those who receive Him made our experience of Easter to remember.

Those of us who walked over the bridge after one or both of our Sunday services will never forget “claiming” the eternal life that our Savior offers each of us who believe.     

Many, many dozens of people volunteered and participated in our worship and ministry from Palm/Passion Sunday through Easter. And so many encouraging words were shared by those on the receiving end of our service/work. Thank you to all who made the whole of the experience extraordinary – laity, clergy, and staff alike.     

This Sunday we will look back on Easter and share holy communion in both services.     

Please remember, too, that our Habitat work officially begins this Saturday, April 15. Work will take place from 8:00AM until Noon. We will break at 10:00AM to meet our Habitat family and dedicate the Habitat site (2614 Friendswood Street, Lenoir.)

God bless you,

Pastor Dave