After Easter Message

After Easter Message

Dear FUMC Family,

What a wonderful Lent and Easter we experienced at First UMC!  The Palm/Passion Sunday commemoration was powerful, as was the choir’s presentation of “The Weeping Tree” along with readers and dramatists, on Good Friday evening.

Too, our Holy/Maundy Thursday services were meaningful, as we followed Jesus through supper with His disciples as he continued to walk to the Cross for us.

Then we turned out at dawn for our Easter Sunrise service, followed by a wonderful breakfast in the CLC.

All during Lent we had worshipped around Jesus’ statement in John 10:  “I am the door of the sheep…” And on Easter, as we proclaimed Jesus to be the door to eternal life, we were invited to actually claim God’s promise of life eternal by walking through the door of eternity provided by our LORD.

That was made possible by our own Ron Van Osdol, who built the beautiful antique looking door, and our Ronny Munday, who provided the distressed wood for the project.  The door remains up in our Sanctuary through this coming Sunday in case someone missed the opportunity to walk through Jesus the Door into eternal life.

Too we are most grateful to our own Patti Brandenburg, Jamie Jones, and Becky Linn for producing beautiful new purple paraments that will be used on the Altar during Lent and Advent each year.  They are great additions to our Sanctuary’s adorning cloths.

May all that we did together and for one another during this season spark new life in our existences.  Happy Easter! And God’s blessings on you.

Dave Melton


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