September Message

September Message

FUMC Family,
I pray this newsletter finds you in good health and spirits.  The past week has been difficult for all of us as we’ve watched our brothers and sisters down east and south go through catastrophic weather events.  Our hearts go out to them, and our prayers surround them.

There will be many ways we and others can help for months and years to come, but if you would like to contribute to the recovery effort, United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is among the finest relief agencies in the world.  We Methodists already have a presence on the ground and are providing assistance to those who have lost so much.  Your contribution can be made to our church, marked UMCOR or Relief Effort.  Every dollar will get to where it helps the most.  Please pray daily for those suffering.

I certainly missed seeing you on Sunday but our county issued a request that, because of what could have happened, churches here not hold services this past Sunday.  Though it ended up not being the catastrophe here that was possible, we didn’t feel that we should go against our local leaders and try to have services.

I look forward to being with you Sunday.  Come and bring a friend.

Dave Melton


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