Back-To-Church Sunday

Back-To-Church Sunday

FUMC Family,

This is my favorite time of year. This month, there will be evenings when we feel crispness in the air. Too, football season is upon us. And finally, in a real way our Church Year begins.

We will begin the year with a bang, as on Sunday, September 15, we will join literally thousands of churches across the country celebrating: “Back-to-Church Sunday”.

At our church, our attendance has been strong all summer. But now school has started, and most of our mid-year vacations are over.

On September 15, we will roll out a new mission statement for our congregation and also a new logo that will identify us all across our community.

And after our morning services, we will celebrate as Jesus often did with a meal together. Ours will be of the traditional covered-dish variety.

Through every Sunday is a highlight for me as I gather with friends, church members, welcome newcomers, and worship the God who loves us with all His heart and walks with us through the world; I must share with you that I can’t wait until the 15th when we will worship and enjoy a meal together!

Please mark that on your calendars. Be thinking of the food you will bring to share (I already know the things I’m bringing.) And invite a friend, as we celebrate “Back-to-Church Sunday” together.


Pastor Dave

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