Our Mission

Our Mission

FUMC Family,

September marks the beginning of the church year. However, the summer has been an important time for visioning.

There have been three Church Council meetings from May through August. And each of those meetings was significant.

In our May meeting, directions were given for a four-person sub-committee to report back to the Council in its June meeting (the 30th) with a new Mission Statement proposal.

At the June meeting the Council unanimously ratified the following as our Mission Statement.

First United Methodist of Lenoir will:

“Glorify God as we mold, nurture, and serve as disciples of Jesus Christ.”

It will be rolled out in the fall, as we move into the new church year. A worship series, beginning on September 15, will explore what it means to “glorify” God, and also what it means to “mold” disciples, “nurture” disciples, and “serve as” disciples of Jesus Christ.

At our August meeting, the FUMC staff brought a unanimously supported proposal to the Council, moving that we use the opportunity to market our wonderful church in a new way, developing a new logo, and branding ourselves as:

First Church

A United Methodist Congregation

The Church with the Dome

This might seem to be new and innovative to us, but it is in line with what is happening across our denomination, as people don’t come to town looking for a certain denomination.

Faithbridge in Blowing Rock, Christ Church in Hickory, and West Market Church in Greensboro, among many others, are simplifying their brands while remaining fully committed United Methodist churches, taking the opportunity to create visibility by who they are.

People already know our church as: First Methodist or First Church of Lenoir. The name of our church will not change. We will remain First United Methodist Church of Lenoir.

However, the simpler way of marketing ourselves in the community, capitalizing on being “First Church,” and on how people know and see us as:

“The Church with the Dome”

will give us new visibility.

This has nothing to do with what’s happening politically across the denomination. We remain proud United Methodists, and we pray that our church rallies to stay together across the world amidst challenges.

This new branding was presented, discussed, and adopted by our Church Council at our August meeting, and is being worked on with a graphic designer. It will be completely “rolled out” in September.

We feel it important to get the facts to you before rumors of something different than what is happening might begin.

Know that if there are rumors that share something different than what is written here, those rumors are destructive and false. Please share the truth about our moving forward among our congregation.

It is an exciting time for us at First UMC as we step into the future.

May God bless us as we move forward following Him.

In Christ with you, we are:

Dave Melton, Sr. Pastor

Bob Brady, Chair – Church Council

Patti Carpenter, Vice Chair – Church Council

Betsy Pierce, Secretary – Church Council

John Davis, Treasurer

Russell Beaver, Trustee

Aaron Wright, Youth Pastor/Pastoral Assistant

Jamie Jones, Director of Music

Melanie Anderson, Director of Children’s Ministries

Danny Clark, Facilities Manager

Kay Lanier, Church Hostess

Ivey Deitz, Administrative Assistant


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