Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter

First Church Family,

            Do you anticipate a wonderful Christmas this year? I do, because I am not basing my expectations on things I might receive, but things I might partner with Jesus on.

            You see, everything changes when you begin to anticipate and eagerly await something that actually has the ability to fulfill and satisfy your expectations.

The season we are in, Advent, is about preparing for something of great magnitude by having high anticipation of appropriate expectations, namely the birth of Jesus.

Because Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and not mine, I’m searching for a way to give Jesus a gift He might appreciate on this holiday. And at our church we believe we have found it…

We are partnering with Living Water International to dig/build a well for people in Chimentenago, Guatemala who presently have no access to clean drinking water. But if we follow God’s heart over the next weeks, that is all going to change!

Because of my great gratitude for Jesus’ coming into the world to heal, forgive, and save you and me, I am choosing to share extra offerings to be used as a gift He would want: crystal clear water to drink for others that He came to heal, forgive, and save.

Would you join me in that project? I truly believe God will use it to bless (and even save) lives and to make our experience of Christmas more fulfilling.

Merry Christmas to all of you in our FUMC Family!

Pastor Dave