December News

December News

First Church Family,

     It’s a beautiful time of the year.  I remember thinking, back in July:  “Wow, half of the year has gone by… in another five months, we will be celebrating America’s most beloved holiday, Thanksgiving, and then preparing for Christmas.”

     And that time has come.  But no matter what we do during Advent, the truth is that the days will tick by, faster and faster, until December 25.  And then, in almost anticlimactic fashion, it will have come and gone too quickly.

     And again, we will ask:  “What now?”  It’s somewhat of a reminder of how Jesus was born in Bethlehem, lived, taught, died, rose, and returned to heaven.

     But there will be another coming!  Jesus promised to come back someday, and now humanity is in watching mode again.  Advent is the season of waiting for Christmas and for Jesus to return.

     Jesus’ birth at Christmas changed all of our future days of “What now?”  After Jesus returned to His Heavenly Father, He sent His Spirit to abide with His believers here on earth.

     Before Jesus was born in Bethlehem, His Spirit didn’t abide within believers.  Now that He does live in us, every day of this challenging, messy life holds the glory of Christmas because He is still here.

     So, even though we are just in Advent, and like every other year, Christmas will come and go too quickly; the truth is that for us every day is full of the Christmas miracle.  “Joy to the World” is just as relevant in March or August as it is in December.

     But it’s extra special at Christmas.  May Jesus’ precious Spirit indwell you now, and then…

Have a blessed Christmas season!

Pastor Dave