What Wondrous Hope

What Wondrous Hope

First Church Family,

What a glorious Easter we experienced together! Many thanks to all of our staff members, volunteers, musicians, and ushers for going beyond the call of duty to provide meaningful worship in as safe a context as possible. And thank you for being patient with us, and also following our COVID protocols.

We had been trying to limit our attendance to between 50 to 60 worshipers at previous services, but we were able to handle twice that many on Easter fairly easily.

It has been a long year for all of us, but it is time to begin to bring back many of the things we are accustomed to and love about or church.

So, what follows is the plan for the next few weeks. This Sunday, April 11, we will worship outside and hear our Chancel Choir’s presentation of “What Wondrous Hope.” It is a beautiful arrangement of Lenten and Easter musical themes and is something that you will appreciate.

This Sunday’s outside service will begin at 11:00AM. During the service, we will provide the sacramental elements for you and celebrate Holy Communion together.

You will be able to sit in your car in one of the several parking lots surrounding our church to participate. Or, you may want to bring lawn chairs with you and sit on the sidewalks or parking lots. Too, the service will be recorded, and can be viewed later on our YouTube channel.

The following week, on Sunday, April 18, we will have one service in the Christian Life Center, again at 11:00AM. Our Tara Hatton will lead that service. Please call to register for that April 18 service (hopefully our last single Sunday worship service.)

If things go well over the next two weeks, and the number of vaccines given continues to rise and hospitalizations decrease, we hope to resume our two-service worship schedule (that being 9:00AM in the CLC and 11:00AM in the Sanctuary) on Sunday April 25.

God has blessed us mightily over the challenging year now behind us. May we remain aware of His mighty power and love.

Blessings and love,

Pastor Dave

Musical Event: What Wondrous Hope
Sunday, April 11 @ 11:00AM

Our Chancel Choir will present a musical event: “What Wondrous Hope” on the front porch and steps of our church, and also a communion service will be led by our Pastor Dave. 

Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLuNVvRIo1s