July Message

July Message

First Church Family,

When I begin a note to you with those words, I am not just using them figuratively. We are the family of Christ here in Lenoir and are meant to love, pray for, and care for one another. It is an honor to be a brother to all of you!

July is upon us, and with it the Independence Day holiday. This year, July 4 comes on a Sunday. We will worship in one service together, at 10:00am, in the Sanctuary, with music from both of our services . And we will celebrate the LORD’s Supper, as we do on first Sundays. There will be no Sunday School on July 4.

July is important to us for other reasons. Our church is part of the Caldwell County Methodist Missional Network. Together, we are establishing a Wesley Foundation program on the CCC&TI campus.

This community college is one of the only colleges of any kind in our state to increase in enrollment in 2020; but many of those students lack financial support of any kind, including the resources to buy lunch while there.

Our Network has set the goal of filling the CCC&TI Food Pantry by the end of July. Microwaveable individual meals (that don’t require refrigeration) are needed; as are hygiene products, especially for the young women students.

Our Brady Mc Cormack, a student there, spoke to us in worship on June 27 about the need. Please bring donations of those items by the church by July 20, to help us support the next generation of leaders in our county.

Through July, we will continue to look at the promises God makes to us in the Bible. Take the liberty to invite someone to come with you to worship during that time.

Have a blessed month!

Pastor Dave