We’ll Miss You

We’ll Miss You

Dear First Church Family,

I pray you have enjoyed moving over into 2022. Our Youth and Family Ministries Director, Tara Hatton, writes the following note to us:

The past two years have brought challenges and hardships to each of us. In my own personal life, 2021 was the most difficult year I’ve yet to experience. In January, issues in my marriage came to light which led to many months of stress and turmoil culminating in separation in August. My husband, Aaron, moved out of our home and my responsibilities and priorities have had to change. Because of this, I have come to realize that I simply do not have the capacity to be able to fulfill all my duties; to parent my children, maintain our household, work my full time job as a high school teacher, and also, continue in my staff position here at FUMC Lenoir.

I love this church, I love each of you, and I have loved being a member of this staff. Being here with you, having the honor to worship and serve alongside you has been such a lifeline to me, especially over the past year. This has never been a “job” to me, God answered one of my heart’s desires by allowing me to be here with you. I had hoped and planned to be in this position for much longer, but one of the lessons I’ve had to learn is that sometimes we have to let go of things we love. God has been so kind to me, and I am so grateful for the time He has allowed me to have with you.

To the youth of our church, please know that I have loved every moment we have spent together, even through the crazy of COVID. I know it may seem contradictory, but it is because I care so deeply for you that I know I need to resign from the position; you deserve so much more than I am able to give at this time.

While the time has come for me to leave the position, I do not wish to leave the church. You have become my church, and I thank each of you for the many ways in which you have welcomed, encouraged, and loved my boys and I. I hope to continue serving in a volunteer capacity, alongside Pastor Dave, in any areas of worship services that he may see fit.

With love and gratitude,

Tara has brought incredible depth of faith and a wonderful spirit to our church. We will miss her performing her professional responsibilities with us, but certainly understand her decision. I/we are so grateful that she came our way and thankful that she plans to remain with us in our congregation.

Our prayers are with her.


Pastor Dave